I'm POPULAR. You're NOT.

I'm the Person You REALLY Hate.

Here's how I use MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY to get exactly what I want –
using sneaky, underhand guerrilla tactics that no-one else will tell you.

HEY!  –

It’s simple!

I’m popular. You’re NOT.

I’m better than you are. I’m smarter. And I’m definitely more popular.

Some people think I’m arrogant. Who cares? Go leave. I’ve got enough sheep clambering for my attention.


Because I’m that annoying guy you really hate.

The one that shouts over your “witty” banter – and gets that blast of laughter that you deserved.

The one you see at the end of the night with that hot girl on his arm – while you watch from the corner. Alone.

The one that gets that huge promotion – even when YOU did all the hard work, and definitely deserved it more.

All because I use MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY to get precisely what I want.

And you know what?

The best part is that you
THINK you’re still winning.

Honestly. It’s absolutely amazing.

You convince yourself that my way is the wrong way. That I’ll never find happiness. That you just need to “be yourself” and everything will fall into place.

Jeez, you’re an idiot.

BEING YOURSELF is what caused all the problems in the first place. If you could just “be yourself” you wouldn’t have ANY issues right now.

You’d already be Mr Popular, Mr Great, Mr Wanted, Mr Sexed Up.

No – You NEED to CHANGE.

I know you so well that you’re already thinking: “Maybe not. It’ll all be okay tomorrow.”

Sure. When you get that new car. That apartment in the city. That sofa. That girlfriend. THEN it’ll be fine. Right?

Sure!! It really will!! Keep on thinking that, loser.

It’s people like YOU
that keep people like ME on top.

That’s social Darwinism for you, mate.

I should be grateful. But I’m not. You’re sad, lonely, disconnected – and nobody cares but you.

Popularity. Sex. Admiration. Endless friends. Laughter. Success. These things are in MY DOMAIN – not yours.

I manage to achieve these things because I’m smarter than you think. Way smarter.

I may not be as switched on or as brainy as you think you are, but I operate differently.

While you were busy studying for your useless degree, I was figuring out what really changes people.

I studied with the masters of MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY.

I learned how you can use the mind to control social situations unlike ever before: the secrets of social control. And it’s simple when you figure it out. There are just two parts:

1. You figure how to RECONDITION yourself. You recreate your own personality – bigger, better, more successful. QUICKLY.
1. You figure how to use MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY to get other people to do EXACTLY what you want.

I understand this stuff better than anyone else you’re ever lucky enough to know. For the losers of this world, I’ve put it into a book: Manipulative Psychology 101.

The funniest bit of writing the book was getting messages from psychologist-types after. They called it an abuse of science.

Boo-hoo! Like I actually care.

Listen, Jerks, I don’t need to impress anyone: I’m not trying to impress my boss or some professor. I’ve already got more awards and recognition than I need.

SURE, using Manipulative Psychology is an ABUSE of SCIENCE.

So WHAT? I’m the one with the ANSWERS that WORK.

Forget all those stupid self-help books and their 12-step programs. Dump your “positive thinking” courses. And I want you to know that I’m actually LAUGHING at your confidence CDs. Idiots!!

Two days after reading that crap, and you’re right back to where you started.

It’s like leaving the movies after watching some big action movie. You feel like Mr Macho for a couple of hours. Then you return to your normal, pathetic self.

Welcome home, LOSER.

You don’t have enough time to waste with that RUBBISH.

You need clear-cut stuff that gives you RESULTS. NOW.

Instructions that show you how to actually REWIRE your personality. So you can get the SEX, the ADMIRATION, the CROWDS of FRIENDS, the LAUGHTER, the FAME, the MONEY, the SUCCESS.

Go on. Admit it to yourself.
Just ONCE.

You want it, really. Right? Secretly. A lot.


Because I’m the ONLY “JERK” you’ll find that can show you how to get it all. Easy, real, DO IT NOW instructions on getting JUST what you want from this damn world – inside Manipulative Psychology 101.

Think you can manage without me?

Hahaha. Go try. I’ll think about you the next time I drive past a bus – and imagine you sitting at the back in 20 years time. Still telling yourself it’ll be great “tomorrow.”

It’ll give me a good laugh.

And all because you don’t DO the stuff that I DO.

Stuff that gets results. Forget visualization crap, body language rubbish, one-liners, sarging, Ross Jeffries-style idiocy that the sheep follow, thinking it’ll do them good. More idiots, victim of social and mental Darwinism.

I’m talking about
Real Manipulative Psychology.

Stuff that enables you to change your own personality – and get anyone to do PRECISELY what you want them to do.

Losers, loners and JERKS just like you will be able to learn the real secrets from me. I’m talking about......
The SECRET method of REWIRING your personality for complete SOCIAL DOMINANCE: changing how you act, react and feel
How to get ANYONE to absolutely LIKE you, RESPECT you, ADMIRE you, and want to be AROUND YOU
The psychological tactics for ALTERING anyone’s thoughts – and making them DO what YOU WANT
Powerful GUERILLA tricks to turn yourself into an EXTROVERT in just a matter of minutes – switch it on and off when YOU want
How to USE PEOPLE – and how NOT to be USED!
Exactly how you can become the BIG MAN in the group – and become naturally more attractive to EVERYONE
Put ANYONE in ABSOLUTE AWE - and win any SEXUAL partner – with your socially superior skills
The trick to getting a POSITIVE RESPONSE from anyone, by tapping into special mind techniques you never knew
Quick, POWERFUL psychological methods of removing all FEARS and DOUBTS from yourself and others – in about 10 seconds
Precisely how you can DETACH from caring what other people THINK – focusing on the majority, and not giving a toss about the losers
The HOT-WIRED techniques for instant RAPPORT with anyone, through a couple of simple changes in your behaviour
How to make friends (and more) with the MOST INFLUENTIAL people around – for your OWN benefit!
You’ve sometimes GOT TO LIE: I’ll show you how to NEVER get caught, and always seem genuine
The PLAYFUL, ICE-BREAKER stuff that will get you into ANY bar, ANY house-party and ANY pair of underwear
Tricks that will continue to REPROGRAM your mind, getting rid of that crap “inner critic” that stops you from having some BIG FUN
Figure out how to become BIG and SUCCESSFUL and POPULAR – like me. And start reaping some of what society offers, jerk.

Yeah, this is SERIOUS STUFF.

It’s Machiavelli, on heat, with a degree in psychology from the School of Awesome.

BIG STUFF.........

The JEDI MIND TRICK for instant rapport. A hidden NLP technique that FORCES someone to answer the way you want them to. Six sneaky methods that get you STRAIGHT inside someone’s mind.

Getting someone to do you a HUGE FAVOR within a minute of meeting them. How to HYPNOTIZE someone while you speak, using a 1-2-3 formula. Why the “Cat’s Pyjamas” will SAVE YOUR LIFE (I love this one - you will too).

You gonna find this stuff in your local Borders? They’d be too scared to let it past the front door, jack ass.

I know this stuff. I’m the King with the Answer. I’ve got exactly what I want – and I know exactly how to manipulate the crowds.

I love keeping people DOWN – while I’m pushed up to the TOP of the pile. You might already know me, actually. It’s a small world.

I use this Manipulative Psychology stuff to GET WHAT I WANT.

None of your New Age bull, with relaxing sounds and positive thinking affirmations. This is MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY: it’s hardcore SCIENCE that gets you what you want.

That’s why I wrote Manipulative Psychology 101.

I’m going to ROCKET a few jerks right into the stratosphere. It’s fun to watch: jerks turning into BIG PEOPLE that matter, quickly.

You can make a decision NOW.

You can either wake up in 20 years, wishing you could claim back that YOUTH you’re wasting right now.

Spending $150 an hour explaining your problems to someone who wants to be ANYWHERE but listening to you moan.

OR....... You can figure out MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGY and get the SOCIALLY-SUPERIOR SKILLS you have just GOT to have to become Mr Popular, Mr Successful, Mr Admired, Mr I-Get-Sex, Mr Suave, Mr Number One.

You can GET that success, that popularity, that LIFE that you’ve got a few seconds here on earth to enjoy.

WHICH do you want?

Fine, I’m a JERK. I don’t care what you think about me.

But I’m the ONLY JERK that’s gonna help you out – so you’d better be grateful.

I’m not going to listen to your past, tell you to watch “The Secret” again, or feed you crap that just doesn’t work.

If you want CONTROL of your life – and some REAL success – TODAY, not TOMORROW (jerk), then you’ve got to learn Manipulation Psychology 101.

Or you’re even more of an idiot than I thought.


1. LOSER.COM – “Sorry, you’re too arrogant for me. And I’m saving my cents to pay for my Xtube subscription. Goodbye.”
1. SMART LOSER.COM – “You’re ARROGANT and probably one son-of-a-bitch in real life [correct]. But I want to learn Manipulative Psychology 101 and do some SERIOUS life-revamping. Gimme the popularity, admiration, sex, happiness, and other BIG stuff that I deserve.”
Click HERE - Get Manipulative Psychology 101

Price USD $47.

Entire course delivered in PDF format. Works with Windows, Mac and more.


Your call. I don’t give a crap either way.

See you in twenty years, dude –

Mr. X Signature
“Mr X.”
You Know Me.


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- Matt C, Phoenix, AZ 85034

“Didn't know what to expect, but totally chuffed. Changed my life. I'm the Big Man now. You completely changed my mindset and I would never go back. Thank you. You're a TOTAL jerk, love it.”

- Liam S, York, UK, YO6 4MH

“Not a question, just a compliment. Bought the course and it's fantastic. Love the bonus guides too. Your homepage was arrogant but your guide was absolute psychological science. I've used this already, quietly, with massive results. I don't even know how it works. Thank you, excellent!”

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